Songs for Nat demo

by Void Head Band Relaxed Pace

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A few songs I've done for my friend.
Many apologies for all the mistakes throughout all three. They were recorded very quickly.
I am planning on redoing all three soon (hopefully with lyrics) so they will be shown with much better quality soon.
A long time ago I planned on recording a song for a friend of mine. I wrote most of the song... in my head. It's still there and certain parts play back to me every now and then. Whenever I've made time to record it though, it's never come out.
Now my friend has a lot of crap on her plate but I've been a selfish jerk-ass towards her since I've known her. Despite this, she's put up with me and she's still been my friend.
There's not much I can do for her, but I can write music (to an extent) and although none of these are the song in my head, I decided to collect these three together for her because I feel they are the best I can do for her at this stage in time. Hopefully I can do more for her soon though.

The first one was thought out and recorded today. I based it on what my friend has to deal with and tried to make it express a feeling of comfort.

The second one is a track I recorded back in '08 that I decided to redo for her because I remember my friend liking the song a fair bit, so here she can have a rough sketch of a newer version.

The third one was recorded quickly last year. Had no idea what to do with it but I've liked the tune so I thought I'd play with it a bit and record a slightly newer version for my friend. It is mostly relaxed but there is a bad semi-drone towards the end.


released May 16, 2014

Ezekiel - guitar



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Void Head Band Relaxed Pace Sydney, Australia

A side project I work on.
It started way back in 2007 as a collaboration between a friend of mine in WA and I. Mostly wanted to focus on atmospheric music.

Gradually I've decided to take it more seriously than it was originally.

I'm going to base the music around drone, noise and ambient as well as throw in a lot of poorly written guitar pop songs.

I hope you all enjoy.
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